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Acupuncture is increasingly used in physiotherapy to promote recovery and to enhance treatment outcomes. Traditional Chinese Acupuncture is frequently used as a stand alone technique to reduce pain and inflammation and to improve functional capacity and rehabilitation but it also works well in combination treatment approaches. 
Our therapists qualified as acupuncturists have the flexibility to do both. Those staff who are qualified will discuss with you which approach is most likely to work best. We only allow qualified staff recognised by ‘Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists. FAQs

Physiotherapy & Osteopathy

PhysioDirect believes that you shouldn’t have to wait. Our philosophy is simple. We provide help for you to take control so that you can get on with doing what you love! Sometimes all it takes is a word of advice. But of course our hands-on expertises is there to back you up. We are here to help you do whatever it takes to get you back to normal or reach those goals of sporting achievement you set yourself. FAQs

Desk Assessment

Desk assessments are new for physiotherapists but in these increasingly uncertain times and increasing emphasis of pandemic guidance to ‘Work from Home’ there has never been a time when this has been more important. The number of problems that can develop from a poor home or office work set-up can physically impact on your capacity to work comfortably. This commonly results in ‘Work Related Upper Limb and Neck Discomfort (WRULND for short) not to mention back, leg and eye strain headaches. At PhysioDirect we have experienced specialists who quickly identify potential problems and assist you in not only how to correct these issues but also how to recover from their influence and avoid further productivity and performance distractions. FAQs

Online Desk Assessments

Online desk assessments are a great way to find out whether your workstation set-up is causing or contributing to pain and discomfort while working from home. The most common problem areas to look out for include the lower back, neck or wrist. FAQs

Display Screen Equipment

Advice on health and safety issues around the use of display screen equipment, including computer work stations, and working practices that can help avoid injury to the user. FAQs

Sports Massage 

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy


What our clients say

" Tailored Treatment that you can Trust... You can rely on them to help. I have been sent to loads of places before but this is the first time I can honestly say that I have really felt that when they set out what I needed to do to resolve my problem I could rely on them.  They treat you as a person not a problem and it was this that convinced me to start listening and not just expect to be listened too! "

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