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Desk Assessments

The number of problems that can develop from a poor home or office work setup can physically impact one's capacity to work comfortably.


This commonly results in Work-Related Upper Limb and Neck Discomfort (WRULND for short), not to mention back, leg, and eye strain headaches. At PhysioDirect, we have experienced specialists who quickly identify potential problems and assist you in not only correcting these issues but also recovering from their influence and avoiding further productivity and performance distractions.

What is an Ergonomic Desk Assessment, and who Would Benefit?

An ergonomic desk assessment involves evaluating and optimising the workspace to ensure it is ergonomically designed to support comfort, productivity, and overall well-being. This assessment typically includes adjusting the desk, chair, computer monitor, keyboard, and mouse to fit the individual's body proportions and work requirements.


Employees who spend extended periods at a desk, such as office workers, remote workers, and individuals using computer workstations, would benefit from an ergonomic desk assessment. The goal is to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal issues, improve posture, and enhance overall workplace comfort and efficiency

Why are Desk Assessments Important for Employers

Desk assessments are important for employers because they contribute to their employees' health, safety, and productivity. By ensuring that workstations are ergonomically optimised, employers can reduce the risk of workplace injuries and musculoskeletal disorders, leading to fewer employee absences and lower healthcare costs.


Ergonomic work environments can enhance employee comfort and satisfaction, leading to increased productivity and overall well-being. Providing desk assessments also demonstrates an employer's commitment to creating a safe and supportive workplace, which can improve employee retention and morale.

Online Desk Assessments

Online desk assessments are a great way to find out whether your workstation set-up is causing or contributing to pain and discomfort while working from home. The most common problem areas to look out for include the lower back, neck or wrist.

Our online physiotherapy platform means we can run secure video consultations with our clients. The full desk assessment process, advice and recommendations can all be delivered effectively via video.

We take a look at your desk arrangement, assess your working patterns, and organisation of work tasks. This enables us to provide practical recommendations to improve comfort and productivity when working from home. It also helps us to determine whether you could benefit from assistive technology (e.g specialist chairs). 

All online desk assessments are carried out by our chartered physiotherapists. They have specialist training in occupational health, ergonomics and health and safety.

Desk Assessment FAQs

What does a Desk Assessment Entail? Desk assessments require both a visual/objective check of your working conditions and a full background check on your general health. There is frequently an interrelationship between these two bits of information. Specialists are looking for Subjective and Objective triggers which hold the key to improving or resolving your functional capacity in this type of working environment.

How Much Does a Desk Assessment Cost? Desk assessment starts from £60 up to £150 for a multi contact follow-up and detailed report. Contact us today for a bespoke package.

How are Home Desk Assessments Carried Out? ​Home Desk Assessments are conducted via Video which is a great way to get advice and recommendations to improve your home set-up. We will focus on the quickest and simplest solutions to help you avoid and improve common neck, back and wrist complaints. These are conducted over our secure video conferencing facility using your computer and mobile phone! They last 40 mins, and cost £60 or 80mins for £120, £40 for a pdf report) You can find out more.

What Can I Expect From a Desk Assessment? During your desk assessment we will take a detailed clinical and occupational history alongside conducting a workstation assessment, which allows us to provide you with specific ergonomic solutions.

What Does The Desk Assessment Include? ​ - Clinical and occupational history - Workstation assessment and detailed task analysis - Postural analysis for all required working task - Postural training and task management - Report detailing any suggested modifications - Sourcing of specialist ergonomic equipment

How do I prepare for an Online Desk Assessment? ​We will need to see how you have set up your workstation at home. That means we will need to evaluate your position, posture, and relationship to your desk and computer. This is most likely to involve using your phone as a camera. You will need to either have a way of standing your phone independently or, most likely, a bit of help from someone who can hold your phone to help you.

How Much are Online Assessments​? Our online desk assessments cost £45 for 40 mins which include a follow-up email with your physiotherapist’s recommendations.

Are Online Desk Assessments Covered by Private Medical Insurance? Online desk assessments are not currently covered by private medical insurers.

What is the Difference Between a Home and Office Desk Assessment? The primary difference is that our home assessments are less intrusive. We understand that this is your home so we must be sensitive to the limitations of what you will accept and flexible in the recommendations we can make. Apart from this the process is the same as is the end goal. To help you work happy, healthy and comfortable at work.

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