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Physiotherapy in Nottingham

PhysioDirect believes that you shouldn’t have to wait. Our philosophy is simple: We help you take control so that you can get on with doing what you love! Sometimes, all it takes is a word of advice. But of course, our hands-on expertise is there to back you up. We are here to help you do whatever it takes to get you back to normal or reach those sporting achievement goals you set yourself.

Our expert team of physiotherapists is dedicated to providing personalised care to help you recover from injury, manage chronic pain, and improve mobility. With state-of-the-art facilities and evidence-based treatments, we are committed to restoring your health and enhancing your quality of life.

What are the Benefits of Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy's many benefits include improved mobility, pain relief, and recovery support. It promotes healing, reduces discomfort, and recovers movement with specially designed exercises and manual treatment. This holistic approach promotes long-term wellness by treating both the symptoms and the underlying causes. 


With their experience, physiotherapists enable people to restore independence and functionality. Furthermore, physiotherapy's collaborative approach fosters a positive atmosphere that supports general wellbeing. By enhancing quality of life and aiding physical rehabilitation, physiotherapy is a crucial instrument in the promotion of holistic health and vitality.

What Conditions Does Physiotherapy Treat

Although physiotherapy is typically used to treat athletes and those who have suffered injury from an accident, it can actually provide relief to some of the most common aches and injuries. Physical therapy has proven to be an effective form of treatment for muscle pain, joint injuries, arthritis, mobility issues and even respiratory problems such as cystic fibrosis.

  • Musculoskeletal injuries and disorders

  • Neurological conditions such as stroke and multiple sclerosis

  • Sports injuries

  • Chronic pain conditions like arthritis

  • Post-operative rehabilitation

  • Respiratory conditions

  • Women's health issues


Physiotherapy FAQs

Is Physiotherapy Right For Me? Yes, if you have a sprain, strain, joint or musculoskeletal pain then we can help. Physiotherapy is a specialist musculoskeletal service which has a wide scope of practice. If you have an ache or pain regardless of whether you have sustained a traumatic incident or it has just crept up on you we can help. The first step is down to you. We can all be guilty of delay, denial and deceiving ourselves that it will be better tomorrow. However, if you have been experiencing problems that fail to improve for more than a few days it is better to catch it early rather than later. Chronic conditions often entail more injury complications and treatment. Catch it early and we can avoid both.

Do I Need an Initial Assessment? Yes. All patients are required to have an initial assessment. Your first appointment is geared towards a detailed investigation of your complaint. Without this information there is a real risk of wasting time and effort and potentially prolonging your recovery. We use definitions such as ‘Subjective’ and ‘Objective’ findings.This allows us to correlate your ‘Subjective Complaint information with the clinical ‘Objective’ presentation. This helps us to identify and, if you like, diagnose what’s going on. This establishes what has to be done in follow-up treatments.

Why are Follow-up Treatments Charged at a Different Rate? The time allocation for IA (initial assessments) and Treatments (shorthand Rx) are the same but the charge for IA’s is slightly more because it reflects behind the scene analysis and research that is required to individualise your management and treatment success. I am sure you can appreciate there is no ‘One size fits all’ especially where people are concerned.

How Many Treatment Sessions Will I Need? We all heal at different rates. If we are to go by NHS ( NICE guidelines) of course we can give you an average estimate. However, the level and severity of injury, your age and associated physical and non-physical health all play a part in your recovery. It is important to us that we are professional and do our best to be effective and efficient. At the end of the day we want you to be satisfied. You are, after all, our best form of recommendations!

Will I Receive Treatment on my First Visit? Yes, whilst it is important for us to carry out a thorough assessment we know what’s important to you is that there is no delay in starting treatment. What’s important to us is that you get the right treatment. This is the best approach. Even a few minutes on the right problem will make a difference. So as the saying goes, a Patient patience gets the best results.

How Do I Pay and Do You Offer Discounts? As we have indicated our preference is to deal directly with the patient. We can offer a range of payment plans as well as PAYG charges to keep things simple. Ultimately, it is a fine balance. Our view is that cost cutting invariably means corner cutting. Discounted interventions are no substitute for proper care.

Does PhysioDirect Accept Insurance and Occupational Referrals? We are registered with all primary care physiotherapy reimbursement insurers such as BUPA, Axa PPP and we welcome direct Occupational Employer referrals.

Do You Accept Case Management Referrals? We have dealt with ‘Case Management Companies’ for many years. It seemed like a positive relationship at first but gradually our experience of this type of referral frequently resulted in compromising patient duty-of-care. Intermediary businesses sit between the funding source and the patient. They offer large mostly national organisations and insurance companies centralised claims and occupational health services. They tender for contracts on a volume basis then dictate assessment and treatment protocols.This puts our profession at a significant disadvantage. In a study carried out in 2013 it was found that physiotherapists that engaged with Case Management providers reported poorer job satisfaction, professional autonomy and, ultimately, quality of service. Because of this It’s fair to say we don’t encourage their engagement. It is not the type of service we want to promote nor aspire too. So long as they don’t interfere with our core aim to put you first, there are a few good intermediary companies that remain that we still deal with.


What our clients say

"As a builder for more than 60 years and suffered more than my fair share of back problems. When you are struggling to get out of bed and you have to rely on your wife to put your socks on you know you're  in trouble! Tim was able to tell me what the problem was but also predicted how I would respond almost day-to-day through treatment. He didn’t pull any punches. He said it like it was. I will remember just how professional, kind and considerate his approach was. This helped me through one of the most painful experiences of my life. I couldn't have managed this on my own!"



Get in Touch

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